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What You Need to Know About Ice Baths

What Temperature Should I Take My Ice Bath?

This will vary drastically based on your current cold tolerance. 


If you’re a newcomer we recommend starting at a relatively warm 15 degrees celsius (59 fahrenheit). Though this may seem high, it’s an achievable base from which you can gradually lower the temperature of future plunges.


The majority of benefits are experienced between 10C (50F) and 14 (57.2F), but over time you may find yourself able to withstand water as frosty as 5C (41F). For safety reasons it’s important that beginners do not exceed this threshold. 

How Long Does it Take to Chill an Ice Bath?

Depending on the starting temperature of the water and the ambient environment, iCoolsport’s chillers can ready an ice bath in as little as one hour. Large team pools may take up to three, however.

How Long Should I Stay in an Ice Bath?

Once again this will differ based on the individual user.


A good goal is to try to stay submerged for between 3 and 15 minutes. If you experience uncontrollable shivering or feel faint at any point, it’s a sign that you need to get out and warm up.

How Often Should I Take an Ice Bath?

The optimal frequency for ice baths has been the subject of much debate. 


One leading cold exposure expert, Dr. Susanna Søberg, has suggested a minimum immersion time of 11 minutes per week spread across two to three sessions.


It’s also perfectly okay to take the plunge daily or every other day, so long as you’re confident in doing so.

What Happens to the Body During Cold Immersion?

There are a whole cascade of physiological processes that take place in the body upon exposure to cold water.


Your Blood Vessels Constrict – Lactic acid and other chemicals are flushed out of your muscles, reducing post-exercise inflammation.


Brown Fat is Activated – White fat is converted into brown fat, promoting energy expenditure and weight loss.


The Vagus Nerve is Stimulated – This signals your body to destress, relax, and build mental resilience. 


Dopamine is Released – A quick ice bath is all it takes to help you feel more inspired, energised, and happy.


Your Core Temperature Cools – Cold plunges help to reduce high body temperature from sports or other physical exertion.


The Immune System is Enhanced – White and red blood cell counts have been shown to increase in those who are regularly submerged in cold water.

Where Can I Get a Quality Ice Bath?

As the inventor and largest global supplier, iCoolsport offers a range of ice baths for varying needs. From the inflatable single-person IceOne bath to solutions big enough for teams, we cover all bases.

iCoolsport Chillers Offer:


Quality Craftsmanship – iCoolsport chillers are built to last. They feature marine grade aluminium, heat-cured high strength epoxy, titanium heat exchangers, and high-efficiency Panasonic or Mitsubishi rotary compressors.


Class-Leading Technology and Inclusions – A well-featured chiller makes maintaining your ice bath routine a cinch. Ours boast WiFi functionality, splash-resistant controls, a cutting edge, one-touch-start intelligent power management system and efficient temperature regulation.


Impeccable Safety – iCoolsport chillers utilise in-built earth leak devices with 30 milliamps instant shut down. Within the last 20 years, and with more than a million users, no one has ever been injured by an iCoolsport product. 

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