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Why Ice Baths (and Hot Baths) are Perfect for Your Airbnb

It’s no secret that the short term rental market is competitive. Listings for these types of properties increased by as much as 25% in 2023, with analysts predicting the industry will only see further growth in the years to come.


Despite this outlook, hosts on platforms such as Airbnb are reporting declining occupancy rates. The simple fact is, consumers are more money-conscious and selective than ever before. 


So how do you stand out amongst this flooded marketplace and ensure your property stays consistently in-demand? One way is by installing an ice bath or hot bath.

Cold and Hot Plunges are in Demand

In late 2020, Airbnb published an article titled “The amenities guests want: Help your listing stand out with these popular features and amenities”. Inside, they revealed the terms guests search for most often on their site. “Pool” tops the list, with “hot tub” coming in at number five. 


Capitalising on demand for traditional pools and hot tubs is easier said than done, however. These amenities cost a small fortune in their own right, and their installation can cause significant disruption to your occupancy. Thankfully, an iCoolsport hot or cold bath satisfies the same consumer preferences quickly and efficiently.  


Our hot plunges can be used as a direct replacement for conventional tubs, while our cold varieties offer a fun twist on the standard pool. The unique challenge they pose sparks curiosity and excitement, encouraging guests to share their ‘braving the cold’ experience (and by extension, your property) with friends and family.

How Ice and Hot Baths Help You Find New Guests

As well as being a novel point of difference for the uninitiated, cold and hot plunges help you reach markets you may have never otherwise considered – like athletes.

Whether professional or amateur, athletes often have to travel for their sport. This can be physically and mentally taxing, so any amenity that helps them bounce back to their best will be highly sought after. That’s where your hot or cold bath comes in.

Both forms of thermal therapy have been known to induce a number of key sports performance benefits – not least of which is enhanced muscle recovery. Of course, many athletes will already be well aware of this. If they are, your property will naturally stand out. If not, it’s a prime chance to spread awareness about the various advantages your plunge has to offer (peruse our blog to discover more of these).

Should your Airbnb be situated near a suitable venue, you may even be able to attract recipients of the $2000 USD Airbnb Athlete Travel Grant – an initiative established by the International Olympic Committee to ensure athletes find supportive accommodation during periods of training, qualification, and competition.

Sportspeople aren’t the only ones that benefit from hot and cold baths, either. Those seeking a relaxing retreat will be pleased to hear that a simple minutes-long dip in your iCoolsport plunge is all it takes to melt away stress, amplify happiness, and improve focus. It’s all thanks to their ability to modulate the nervous system, which you can read more about in our ‘What are Positive Stressors (Eustress)? blog post.

Boost Your Airbnb Bookings with iCoolsport

Whether you’re interested in a hot or cold bath for your short term rental, iCoolsport has you covered. 


Capable of chilling water to as low as 2°C (35.6F), our range of all-in-one MiPod Chill units are the perfect way to offer ice baths to your guests.


For those who like it hot, the MiPod Mini Hot and MiPod Pro Hot boast powerful heaters that can reach 40°C (104F) quickly and efficiently.


The best of both worlds can be found in the MiPod Pro Dual Temp Chill & Heat, which combines these heating and cooling technologies in a handy all-in-one bath.

Whatever you opt for, our range of powerful water filters, sanitation devices, and covers can help you achieve the most hygienic and efficient solution possible. Be sure to check them out here.

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