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Wim Hof Australia Tour 2023

For many years Wim Hof has been touring the world sharing his gift of ice bath education and life long experience with cold water exposure and in 2023 he returns to Australia.


Much of the world came to know Wim from his TEDx appearance in 2010.

It was his first podcast appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience in October 2016 that really resonated with Australians who continue to be huge fans of the podcast.


Wim Hof in Australia


If it weren’t for one man who has been instrumental in getting this dutch man to fly down under we Australians would all have had to travel to Wim.


A big thank you goes out to Sam Javed, an expert Hypnotherapist in Melbourne who was the driving force behind introducing the Wim Hof Method to Australia since meeting Wim and becoming a Wim Hof Method instructor in 2010.


In 2018 some of the iCoolsport team were proud to be able to attend the Wim Hof Method retreat on the Gold Coast and have since been keen promoters of the Wim Hof Method and the scientific research which has supported Wim’s promotion of the benefits of cold water immersion therapy.