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Powerful Portables

The World’s Toughest Portable Ice Bath



We placed a 300kg motorbike on top of our latest IcePro pools and the edges did not bend at all. No easy feat to get it up there but thanks to a couple of Crossfitters who like a bit of a challenge, up it went.

Why did we want to put a motorbike on top of an ice bath? 

  • Anyone can make a promise, but not everyone can deliver
  • We stand by our promises and our products

So what does iCoolsport say about the IcePro Range?

  • The world’s toughest, most durable portable ice bath
  • A world-first in mobile recovery solutions
  • Unparalleled strength and durability
  • Ultra lightweight inflatable structure
  • Built with revolutionary technology 
  • Portable for travel

Optimal strength and increased durability

With rock hard rigidity, IcePro is the only range tough enough to hold up to 90kg on the edge without bending or spilling, giving you the ultimate ice bath experience wherever you need it.  

Over two years in the making, the IcePro Range has been engineered to last from season to season, no matter how much you use it.

As strong and rigid all over as any fixed bath tub, yet it can be rolled into a small bag for travel.

Conveniently portable & speedy set up

Super lightweight and compact, each of our IcePro models are easy to transport by bus, plane, train or car. Just pack them down, load them up and hit the road.

Set up by hand in just 15 minutes or less than 5 minutes with an electric pump. No more waiting around, just super fast recovery exactly when you need it.

Includes: hand pump, carry bag, repair kit & chamois cloth. Comes with water inlet & outlet points for use with just ice or with any compact cooling or heating machine (connectors provided when purchased together).

No need for ice – What a Team

With the ability to connect to our Compact Cooling Units, you won’t have to worry about lugging around bags of ice; just set the temperature and the unit does the rest. Heaps of cooling power, quiet & automatic operation, easy mobility and all at a surprisingly low cost for all this technology.

Add the optional military grade travel case & you can use your portable ice bath system anywhere your fitness and recovery journey takes you. Comes complete with high flow long life water pump and all pool connection hoses ready to snap together & go.

Why is durability important?

No matter the product in question, durability is always a key concern. As just a single aspect of the product manufacturing process, it has a surprisingly wide reaching set of implications. This includes not just the practical advantages it offers, but also the economical and environmental benefits it provides too. 

The Practical Advantages

Obviously, the physical durability of a product has lots of immediate practical advantages to its end users. If they split or crack, it not only costs you the price of replacing the product but can cause safety concerns. Our IcePro range needs to withstand the weight of the user, or they are by definition unfit for purpose. Durability, then, can often be key to the functionality of the product.

Durability Makes Things More Economical

While durable products can often be initially a bit more expensive, that initial cost quickly balances out in the long term. Cheaper, less durable products are naturally prone to much more frequent breakages, which means that repair or replacement expenses can quickly ramp up, ultimately making them more costly. 

Durable Products Are More Environmentally Friendly

This one might not be quite as obvious right off the bat. Surely all products, durable or not, all use the same raw materials anyway, right? Well, sometimes, but the longer a single product lasts, the more time the environment has to recover the materials used to make it. This sustainability is one of the many reasons that it’s more desirable to manufacture high-quality products with an excellent degree of durability.