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(More) Sports That Benefit From Cold Plunges

In our last blog post we ran through some of the sports that are suited to ice baths, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. From football to Formula One, here are four more that have warmly embraced cold immersion.


Basketball can be particularly taxing on the lower limbs. Athletes have to change direction quickly, stop suddenly, and use explosive power to reach the net, all of which place a great deal of stress on ligaments, tendons, and muscles.


Ice baths reduce the pain of micro-tears to these structures by stemming inflammation, while preventing more serious injuries from developing through the promotion of blood flow.


Such benefits have seen the sport’s best athletes singing their praises for years. LeBron James, for example, raps along to his favourite tunes in order to brave the cold of his recovery ice bath, and Stephen Curry has endorsed them as part of his physio regime. With keen interest amongst its playing group, NBA teams have been consistently turning to industry leader iCoolsport for their recovery needs.

American Football

Few sports are quite as hard-hitting as American football. Some rough contact in gridiron is inevitable, but being blindsided by a tackle you’re unprepared for can be downright dangerous. 


As well as easing the resulting swelling, ice baths help avoid this scenario in the first place. Fatigue sets in quickly when athletes push themselves to the limit for long periods or adhere to a demanding schedule (*ahem* college athletes). A dip in chilled water turns the tide on this fatigue, revitalising body and mind so players can maintain their alertness on-field and evade damaging contact.


It’s just one of the reasons that the NFL and notable universities like UCLA rely on iCoolsport products to keep their athletes frosty.

iCoolsport is the major ice bath supplier to every football code in the world.


Elite and amateur sluggers alike are expected to play multiple games per week, complete an exacting training regime, and perform consistently. With that in mind it’s easy to see why ice baths are becoming increasingly popular for America’s pastime. 


It’s well understood that cold immersion can be beneficial when it comes to recovery times. It flushes out lactic acid by constricting blood vessels, preventing delayed-onset muscle soreness and allowing bathers to get back to their best sooner. In a sport so ‘fixture congested’, this can be the difference between leaving the diamond disappointed or hitting a homerun. 

Several of MLB’s biggest names can attest to their effectiveness, having experienced iCoolsport baths firsthand.


Andre Heimgartner in iCoolsport ice bath 2

Focus and endurance are imperative when it comes to motorsport. Drivers must rely on twitch reflexes to stay in the running, but maintaining this knife-edge pace for hours is gruelling.


Thankfully, cold temperatures keep competitors sharp even in the face of enormous pressure. Research shows that, through a whole cascade of biological processes, they leave the user feeling more attentive, relaxed, and inspired well after exiting the water. They also promote physical and mental toughness – voluntarily subjecting yourself to frigid temperatures is no mean feat (even after a scorching day around the track). 


iCool have supplied cold plunges for Ferrari’s Formula One team, as well as many of the teams in the Australian Supercars Championship, such as Triple 8, Dick Johnson Racing, Tickford Racing, Walkinshaw, and more. Racing icon Mark Webber said ice baths were a key tool in getting competitors on the podium. “Drivers understand that they need to be better prepared. When I started, everyone was laughing at me bringing a bath to certain races because of pre-cooling. Now a lot of people are doing it because they can see the rewards of it,” Webber said.

Elevate Your Game with iCoolSport

The sports listed here represent just a fraction of those that benefit from ice baths. In fact, just about everyone has something to gain by incorporating them into their routine.


iCoolsport offers a range of ice baths for varying needs. iCool invented modern ice baths and we are the largest global supplier. From the single-person IceOne bath to solutions big enough for the whole family, we cover all bases.


Our iCool Compact Chill is suitable for baths of up to 500L, and can maintain a constant water temperature of as little as five degrees. With easy to use one touch start and wifi remote controls, it takes the hassle out of ice baths and allows you to increase your cold tolerance gradually and consistently. 

For more information about ice baths peruse our blog and explore our range online.