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The Truth About Zero-Degree Ice Bath Chillers

Where can I find a zero-degree ice bath chiller?

The short answer is: you can’t. Such a chiller simply cannot exist because zero degrees celsius (32 degrees fahrenheit) is the freezing point of fresh water. Outputting temperatures this low would cause ice to accumulate in the unit and its plumbing. Even with a large piece of ice in the tub, the surrounding water simply cannot dip below zero celsius and remain in a liquid state. 

So what is the lowest temperature for ice baths?

Five degrees celsius is generally recognised as the minimum temperature appropriate for a cold plunge. Of course, that’s not always suitable for beginners. If you’re new to the practice you should start with milder temperatures before working your way down over time.


It’s certainly possible to obtain some of the physical and mental perks at temperatures greater than five degrees, but any lower is unlikely to yield significant benefits for most users. This is why we recommend our most powerful chiller – the Iceman – only for cold plunge veterans. Capable of maintaining a near-freezing temperature of as little as two degrees celsius, it caters to elite athletes and those highly-accustomed to ice baths.

iCoolsport proudly partnered with ‘Iceman’ Wim Hof to develop our most powerful chiller.

How long does it take to cool an Ice Bath with iCool?

The quick answer is one to three hours.


Depending on the starting temperature of the water and the ambient environment, iCoolsport’s chillers can chill an ice bath in as little as one hour. 


The time it takes also depends on the size of the cold plunge pool. With our extensive experience cooling and heating large recovery pools, it should take no more than three hours.

What should I look for in a chiller?

Not all cold plunge chillers are created equal. In fact, inferior products are rife within the industry. Here are some things to look for in a chiller.

  • Quality Craftsmanship

    Though the low buy-in cost of lesser chillers may be tempting, replacing parts or entire units is costly. It’s wise to opt for a more robust product if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck in the long run.

    iCoolsport chillers are built to last. They feature marine grade aluminum, heat-cured high strength epoxy, titanium heat exchangers, and high-efficiency Panasonic or Mitsubishi rotary compressors.

  • Features and Inclusions

    A well-featured chiller makes maintaining your ice bath routine a cinch. Look for one with easy-to-use touch controls that are splash resistant. Built in WiFi functionality is also a good choice for those wanting to quickly set their ice bath from afar. 

    Be sure to verify that all the components needed to operate the chiller are included with the unit itself, such as the water circulation pump, hose set, fittings, and country-appropriate power outlet.

    iCoolsport products boast all of the above, along with a cutting edge, one-touch-start intelligent power management system and efficient temperature regulation.

  • Safety

    Requiring a careful mix of water and electricity, safety is always the number one priority when it comes to cold immersion. Homemade or poor quality chillers leave users vulnerable to electrocution, so it pays to be picky in this department. 

    iCoolsport chillers offer class leading safety features, such as in-built earth leak devices with 30 milliamps instant shut down. Within the last 20 years, and with more than a million users, no one has ever been injured by an iCoolsport product. 

  • Clear Specifications

    Be weary of promises that sound too good to be true. As discussed above, ‘zero degree’ chillers are not possible. In fact, they’re usually a sign of a less-than-scrupulous manufacturer.

  • Warranty

    A chiller can be a significant investment. A manufacturer warranty helps ensure you’re covered against any rare defects. iCoolsport offers a one year warranty as standard across all our chillers.

Get the Best Quality Ice Bath Chiller with iCoolsport

iCoolsport offers a range of ice baths and chillers for varying needs. iCool invented modern ice baths and we are the largest global supplier. 


Our iCool Compact Chill is suitable for baths of up to 500L, and can maintain a constant water temperature of as little as five degrees. With easy to use one touch start and wifi remote controls, it takes the hassle out of ice baths and allows you to increase your cold tolerance gradually and consistently. 


For more information about ice baths peruse our blog and explore our range online.