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A. We offer different machines depending on your ice bath experience and on the part of the body you want the recovery to focus on. No one has more experience or more advanced technology in this field than iCoolsport. We are the largest and most experienced supplier in the world of ice bath machines, pools and spas. We are the only company in the world manufacturing a full range of powerful portable or mobile ice bath machines and larger machines for clubs and stadiums to rapidly chill or heat your ice bath or pool of any size and to control the temperature accurately to any temperature you need and to do it every time, easily and efficiently.

A. Yes, we do! We deliver to all countries by land, sea or air in the fastest possible times and the lowest cost obtainable. We ship regularly to every major country and most parts of the world.

A. You only need a standard power point to connect your iCool machine and that’s it. Follow the manual to connect your machine to your bath or pool, fill your bath with water and touch the Start Button.

A. Faults are quite rare so please first read the Problem Resolution Section of your iCool Owner’s Manual. Our machines are designed to automatically try to fix water flow problemsand to offer advice on the screen about some common issues.  If the problem persists, we are always here to help you in every way we can, so please send us an email at or give us a call on +61 428 944741. and we will do our very best to resolve your problems. Of course if it really is a fault with your machine we will repair it under warranty or provide spare parts free of charge. 

A. iCool is a company created 20 years ago to answer to the needs of athletes in sports recovery. In  2004, the Australian team at that year’s Olympic Games quietly unveiled their new secret weapon, 6 of the world’s first ever completely mobile fully automatic ice bath systems with fast chilling and accurate temperature control, designed in a collaboration between leading sports medicine scientists at the prestigious Australian Institute of Sport and a small team of micro refrigeration experts at a new sporting technology company named iCool Sport. Since then, we’ve been manufacturing cooling and heating machines, inflatable baths & any size pools & spa baths in large numbers and improving our products every year with the latest technology. Our products have been used in the last 4 Olympic Games, the last 4 Commonwealth Games, the Asian Games, Tour de France and most of the world’s leading sporting events.

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A. Please click here for a quote or simply emails us at or give us a call on +61 7 5591 7646

A. Because we are the #1 supplier of ice bath systems in the world and the oldest established manufacturer  with 20 years in business. iCool pools and ice bath machines are in use in more than 70 countries, we have supplied our  professional ice baths to hundreds of stadiums, Gyms, Sports Clubs, Colleges & Hotels around the world and thousands of individual customers. More than a million athletes have used iCoolSport icebaths

A. Most of the world’s leading experts recommend temperatures between15 to 25 minutes.

A. Most of the world’s leading experts in ice bath recovery and contrast recovery therapy are now recommending slightly higher temperatures between 8 and 12 degrees but for up to 25 minutesYou should not use lower temperatures until you have become well accustomed to no less than 8ºC and especially not without close supervision as lower temperatures can be dangerous and lead to hypothermia unless you have worked with experts to reach that stage safely. Become familiar with your own limits and  follow the advice of coaches, doctors and physiotherapists to get the biggest health benefits from your sessions.

A. To start out, you may want to first expose your feet and lower legs. As you get comfortable you can move toward your chest. However we do not recommend immersing your head.

A. Don’t panic and don’t breath too quickly with quick short breathsFrequently athletes find themselves panicking and taking quick, short breaths. This reduces the circulation of air moving around the body, restricting the benefits of the ice bath. Focusing on taking deep, controlled breaths and maintaining long slow and solid inhales and exhales as the experts recommend, this will assist you to get the most out of your recovery sessions and the maximum health, fitness  and immunity benefits.

A. During a training session, your muscles burn fuel and that creates a build-up of toxic waste products and lactic acids. Your body eliminates these waste products naturally over a day or two, but Immersion in chilled water can do the same in a very much shorter time. The sudden cold sets off a reaction in the limbic (ancient) area in the base of your brain that is programmed to respond to such dramatic external events, in this case it senses that you might be freezing dangerous and immediately begins an automatic process to restore your bodies core temperature to safe levels. It does this mostly by withdrawing most of the blood from your skin and outer soft tissue and muscles in to the core of your body. The blood must pass through your liver, kidneys and other organs that each do their job of removing these dangerous toxins and waste products. This quickly eliminates most of the soreness and help torn muscles to rebuild much faster with fresh oxygenated blood flow and you are ready for your next athletic session much more quickly. In effect the sudden cold water tricks your body in to an ancient survival mode because it “believes” you are in danger of freezing. Of course you are actually quite safe, but the effect on your body of quickly and completely flushing the waste products from your blood is extremely beneficial.

One of the most popular benefits of regular ice baths and the more most often reported by athletes , is far better sleep patterns and a much calmer mental state. This has been extensively documented. 

A. Ideally, after every training session. The earliest you get in after a workout or competition, the better effects it’ll have. If you wait too long, some of the healing processes may have already begun and the benefits of the ice bath will be lower.

We make the biggest range of pool types available, our premium beautiful glass fibre pools, our high quality stainless steel pools, our indestructible polyethylene IcePods  and our best in class inflatable pools in the latest drop stitch PVC materials that inflate rock hard.