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Learn the basics

The name of your product is usually written on the front panel of your unit. If you’re unsure of which model you have, all information about your product and serial number unit is available on the screen via Menu > Info.

Your pool and chiller must be placed on a uniformly flat and even surface. The chiller should not be placed more than 30 meters from your pool. Be sure to place the pool and chiller on an area that can support he weight of the pool when full. It is always recommended to seek the advice of a qualified engineer or the local council if unsure. 

Ensure that the chiller is placed in a well ventilated area and that it is kept away from heat sources of any description as well as of any close obstacle, wall or structure to allow proper airflow and a safe operating temperature. 

Ice baths may be used outdoor with the requirements to protect the electronic parts from direct sun and rain. We recommend outdoor exposure to be for short periods of time only and that the ice bath and chillers/heaters are packed away undercover when not in use. 

You must avoid long exposure to very corrosive environments such as very close to the ocean or extreme temperatures. 

Depending on the ice bath set up you have chosen, connection between the chiller and the bath will vary.

If you have purchased an iCool chiller with an iCool bath, all fittings and hoses would have been provided with an instruction manual. Simply follow instructions as directed.

Please contact an iCoolsport technician for more information on custom set ups. 

To fill you ice bath with water, simply place a hose over your bath and fill to the recommended water level.

Depending on your ice bath set up, emptying the water can be done by opening the bottom water outlet of your pool or by opening the ball valve connected to the bottom water outlet of your pool. 



All chillers/heaters must be connected to the voltage marked on the machine. They are not multi-voltage and using a different voltage may cause severe damage. 

Please avoid the use of long extension cords as they may result in voltage drops that may trigger the in-built safety system. 

All AC power connections used must have an earth connection that complies with your local electrical safety regulations. 

If operating your machine with a remote screen, a blue DATA cable and a mounting plate would have been provided in your order. Simply connect the blue DATA cable between your screen and your chiller. 

For Compacts, you must connect the screen to a power outlet with a DC cable (provided). For MiPods this is not necessary. 

To turn screen on, you must turn the machine on at the safety switch.

To start your machine, set temperature desired (from 5ºC to 45ºC for Compacts and Turbos or from 5ºC to 40ºC for MiPods) and press START. 

That’s it! Your machine will do all the rest and there is noting else for you to do. All our machines have been designed to always be on and ready to use. Leave it on 24/7 and its automatic operation will stop and start when needed to maintain the desired temperature of your bath at all times. 

Most of our ice baths can be operated from any smartphone, tablet or computer. To do so, you must connect your machine and your device to the same WiFi network and open a web-browser on your device and type the IP Adress of your machine. This IP address can be found on the built-in screen of your machine under MENU > INFO.

Please note, WiFi operation is not available for machines purchased with the Remote Control Touch Screen Version.

It is recommended to clean your machines often to avoid rust and dust building up. 

Water should be treated daily with your preferred sanitisation method. The use of chlorine, salt and mild chemical disinfectants is acceptable but do not use bromide as it is excessively corrosive. 

If using a water filter, we recommend cleaning it weekly and replacing the internal cartridge every 6 months.