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A. To protect the pump and the titanium heat exchanger tanks, iCool systems will not allow operation unless the water flows correctly. If water does not flow smoothly or if there is air trapped in the system for more than 2 minutes, the safety system will first attempt to fix it automatically by causing the pump to surge a few times. If it fails, it will direct a shut down for safety. The most common issue that can prevent successful operation is lack of water flow. It can occur if air is trapped in the water pipes or in the pump, or if flow is restricted in the hoses by some sort of blockage (band-aid or bits of clothing). 

  • Make sure water level is above the top water outlet
  • Disconnect all hoses, one by one, and reconnect again
  • Disconnect the fittings from the pool and from the chiller and reconnect
  • Disconnect fittings from water pump and reconnect
  • If you have a water valve in your pool, make sure it’s in the open position

A. This is a very rare issue. If your screen will not connect or is damaged you can still operate your icebath. Most of our products have an override button. If you press that button for at least ten seconds the machine will start and operate normally at the last temperature you set. This is perfectly safe to use until the screen is corrected. If the screen freezes while the iCool is running, it should still carry on operating normally and will continue monitoring the safety features but you will not be able to change any settings and the displayed temperatures readout on the screen may not update. You can either allow it to keep running if that is more convenient and call or email us and we can advise how to reset your machine. If your screen is remote and connected by an ethernet cable it is almost always the cable that that is not properly connected that causes it not to communicate. Please check the plugs at both ends. 

A. Your iCool has several safety systems including one that prevents the gas pressure reaching a dangerous high level. This can only happen if the machine is extremely overheated, in which case the safety valve will vent some of the refrigeration gas to maintain a safe situation. This can happen if the machine has been operated in very hot conditions, in a confined space or if the airflow has been blocked or partly blocked for a certain amount of time, or if it’s placed too close to a wall, or a towel or clothing is blocking the air flow.

To get your machine back up and running it will need the refrigeration gas topped up to normal level to provide full cooling effect. This can be done by your local refrigeration company or at iCoolsport headquarters.

A. iCools can only be connected to the voltage marked on the machine. They are manufactured as either 110V or 220V machines, but they are not multi-voltage. Using a different voltage may cause severe damage, that is not covered under normal warranty. 

A. Never allow the water inside your pool or machine to freeze solid or serious damage could occur If extreme cold conditions are expected, add salt or anti-freeze to lower the temperature at which the water freezes; or turn on heat mode (if available). If not being used, drain water from the unit and the pool and store indoors, at ambient temperature. Remember, when water turns to ice it expands powerfully and can burst pipes.

A. On very hot climates over 45ºC, it may not be possible to run the system at full power due to the excessive heat. If the temperature inside the unit exceeds 60ºC, the over heat safety circuit will operate and shut the machine down. An over temperature alarm will appear on the screen as a warning. You will need to wait for the machine to cool down before operating it again. 

iCoolsport products are designed to be long lasting, they are made of durable materials that are heavily tested in our factory HeadQuarters. If your product has been discontinued and you need repair, you can still send your product to our HQ in Australia for a service assessment and depending on the fault, we will simply quote you on a service repair or on a full replacement if we are unable to repair your product. It is 100% up to you to go ahead with the quote or not. 

Service can also be obtained from any regular electrician, plumber or refrigeration technician depending on your fault. Should you require any spare parts, these can be purchased directly from us. 

If you experience an Nk.bin software issue on much older machines this can be fixed by updating your software. Please contact quoting your issue and we will reply providing you the steps to update the software.  

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